Sunday, August 3, 2008

father & son - conspiracy to deceive

(only meant as political satire)

Dad: Son, I think my time is up. These islanders don't believe me anymore when I promise to dig their harbors or reclaim land for their islands and airports. They're also becoming more violent and some even won't let me on their island.

Son: That's sounds really bad Dad, what are we going to do?

Dad: I have a plan. Since you're smaller and more agile, I've decided to send you from now on. Convince them that you'll install sewerage systems on 30 islands before the end of the year.

Son: But Dad, do you think that I can do that? Aren't we a bit short on budget this year?

Dad: No, my foolish Son. You'll just going to pretend you are doing something. That will shut them up for the next couple of months.

Son: I'm scared Dad. What if they still don't believe me?

Dad: Believe me, they will. Coz if they don't then I'll send Grandpa BatteringRam and your Uncle Bulldozer to make them!