Monday, November 10, 2008

the legacy....

lets say you gave a builder 1 million dollars to build your house. it takes him some years to install 4 columns and a roof, worth only a fraction of the $1 million. rest of the money, he shared with his close friends and family, building their homes. now are you going to end up saying "oh how nice of the builder to put a roof on our house?".

what's worse? whenever you asked a question he locked you up, beat you up, to shut you up!

that is the legacy of our outgoing president, Gayyoom. we trusted him with billions of our tourism dollars while spending over $10 million annually on his palace alone. yet he let his close family and friends get away with embezzlement and theft of our money.... for 30 years!

what's even worse? for all this, we're having to reward him with yet another palace ... maybe that's politics, but i don't buy it!

the legacy....

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics.Whats their story?