Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i march on a road of flowers...

in shackles....

on flowers i walk, in shackles...!!
dedicated to Nelson Mandela, who along with much of the world is celebration 20 years since his release after 27 years in prison in the fight against racism and apartheid... the only shame is that Mandela' is still in the dreaded List of Terrorists in the US... oh well... one man's freedom fighter really is another man's terrorist....

on a bed of flowers i march.... in shackles!!


meekaaku said...

Is he still??
I think not. he was removed in 2008.

and aljazeera reported that.

Unless they put him in there again, he is off the list.

The Shadowrunner said...

So what?. :P

If the United States dares to stand in the way of liberty, then the United States has lost the right to police the world.