Friday, March 11, 2011

apartheid israel...

for those of us who still believe that Israel is the peace loving democracy in the Middle East.. Israel is NOT a democracy.. it's an Apartheid system just like that of South Africa from 1948-1990..

"..if we face a South African style struggle for equal voting rights (for Palestinians in the territories) then, as soon as that happens, the state of Israel would be finished."

- Ehud Olmert
Prime Minister of Israel, 2006-2009

happy friday..

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maldives best said...

nice picuture. I agree, Israel is not a democratic country

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the new Maldivian government support Israel..I mean MDP

f i Я a s said...

yes it does.. one of the first moves by the MDP government was to normalise the already established diplomatic relations with Israel, calling it a Democracy, where as it actually isn't..

Israeli Apartheid Week campaign's sole intention is to debunk these widely accepted beliefs such as Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East, where as it's an Apartheid dictatorship..


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nonameface said...

I completely agree with the notion that Israel is an apartheid state.

For a more brief introduction to this issue please read Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner's Guide by Ben White. I've attended a number of talks given by the author. Often these talks were attended by Zionists as well and he was always able to silence them with his definitive answers to their questions.

Democracy is difficult to define, but Israel in many ways is a democracy. But the distinction comes in the definition of nationals and citizens of the country which Ben White looks into in his book. This leads to Gentiles not having the same rights as Jews.

f i Я a s said...

@nonameface how is Israel a democracy in ANY way whatsoever??

Israel systematically denies the universally agreed upon right of its 6 MILION political dissidents (refugees) to return and take part in elections or any other political process..

Israel maintains the demographic advantage of Jews over other minority groups by forcefully expelling them from their homes and seizing their lands.. descibed in laymen terms as ETHNIC CLEANSING..

Israel has in its detention 1000's of people without a fair trial, let alone charges or any evidence. including women and CHILDREN..

so, why don't you tell me the many ways in which Israel IS a democracy??